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Portrait of Lynnea and Banner

Since she was a little girl, my daughter Lynnea has had a special relationship with horses.

Over the years, Lynnea became a true horse whisperer, developing a deep trusting relationship with her horse. Ridding bareback . . .

training him not to fear the unknown . . .

ridding in 4H shows . . .

It's appropriate, therefore, to portray with her with Banner, her spunky Arabian. For the portrait, I posed them in such a way that both could be close and fit within a vertical frame, working the exposure, white balance and other settings in Photoshop:

Instead of the barn for a background, I decided to open it up to the landscape where the two spent time together. This is the farm on the Snoqualmie River in Duvall. The photo was also enhanced to bring out colors I was interested in. You'll see how this plays into the portrait below.

Various studies are made, including a detailed drawing.

Painting begins with block in sketch.

Which is then evolved with color. Notice the addition of the landscape.

The painting continues . . .

. . . a work in progress . . .

To get explore getting your own portrait, complete an Inquiry Form.

-- Roy

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