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I'm now accepting commissions for portraits, which have been a long standing passion. I've been riveted standing in front of a Rembrandt or Velazquez, there sensing a personality in the canvass that cannot be accounted for by the 2D canvass and paint strokes. Nothing short of that artistic alchemy will do for my portraits. Let's get started on a masterful rendering of a special person.

Portrait of Tami, Everett Washington

Portrait of Lynnea, 

Duvall, Washington

Portriat of Don Miguel Salguero, San Jose Costa Rica.

Roy's art shows how connected we are. Viewers connect with individuals through the portraits, as they perceive the character of the subject. Or feel the interdependence of natural elements through abstract landscapes. A realization of how connected we all are fosters tolerance, respect, coexistence and thereby less conflict and good stewardship.

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